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Who are we?... Our Club supports acoustic music in our local region. We do this by engaging a variety of different styles of music and always recognising traditional cultures. We foster a listening audience. This acknowledges our undivided support to both established and emerging talent.

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THE bent folk NEWS

Some Bendigo Folk Club News
A great upcoming local event .....

Sal Kimber and the Rolling Wheel The Old Church on the Hill has a great concert coming up that is well worth our support.

Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel + John Flanagan will be performing as part of their 'Southern Summer Halls' double album launch tour.

Sal Kimber will be bringing her much loved five piece 'The Rollin Wheel' and folk sweetheart/close friend John Flanangan (plus guests) to the OLD CHURCH ON THE HILL, BENDIGO, SUN 21st Feb, as part of a nine date country halls tour of Victoria.

Tickets $25 general admission, $10 kids.

A small bar will be selling wine/beers and refreshments.

Purchase tickets online via Trybooking, or visit Sal's website.

Friday 4 March 2016
Kristina Olsen (USA)

Kristina Olsen We are very pleased to be able to confirm the return of Kristina Olsen to the Bendigo Folk Club stage.

Kristina is one of the most entertaining and compelling performers on the international folk circuit. A superb multi-instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, steel-body slide guitar, saxophone, concertina, mandolin and piano) as well as an award-winning songwriter with a big bluesy voice, Kristina has audiences around the world coming back for more. Her mix of powerful songs ranging from sassy bottleneck blues, lilting ballads, swing jazz to raunch and roll (as well as her hilarious storytelling) makes for a diverse and satisfying musical experience, on stage and on disc.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Haight-Asbury during the 1960's, Kristina's approach to music and life was formed by that environment of vital cultural expression, social activism and diverse musical influences. She now calls Venice Beach, Los Angeles home but rarely sees it from touring ten months a year.

Such respected artists as Eric Bibb, Fairport Convention, Maddy Prior, Mary Coughlan and Mollie O'Brien have covered and recorded songs by Olsen. Olsen has also worked as a session musician on numerous artist's albums including playing the hammered dulcimer on Michelle Shocked's album 'Short Sharp Shocked' on PolyGram and touring as Mary Coughlan's guitarist in 2005. Her song "In Your Darkened Room" was used in the film "We'll Always Have Dingle", a documentary about an Irish Film Festival. Olsen has performed as a multi-instrumentalist in plays for the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles' Music Center. Olsen won the Kerrville Song writing award her song for battered women, 'I'm Keeping This Life of Mine'

With a passion for touring, this intrepid troubadour has had annual schedules that have included tours in Australia, Scotland (for the Celtic Connections Festival), England, Bangladesh (for a benefit concert), New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Her journeys and experiences 'on the road' have provided much 'fodder' for song and story.

2012 saw the long awaited release of Olsen's E-book / CD, 'They Paid Us in Tub Time', a collection of stories with imbedded songs at the end of each chapter. 'Tub Time' was launched at the Bali Writer's Festival (UBUD) in September 2012 and was a feature of her 2013 Australian tour.

With yet another recording to be released Kristina will return to Australia February 2016 for a launch tour of "Sweet Stillness" a collaboration with renowned Canadian jazz guitarist Bill Coon. This represents yet another 'journey of musical discovery' for Olsen whose creative drive has her combining performance, song-writing and a return to formal study in composition.

Kristina's website.

Tickets available at the door - $25 or $20 members and concession.

The Old Church on the Hill, Cnr Russell and Harkness Streets, Quarry Hill.
8:00 pm for an 8:15 pm start.

Thursday 17 March 2016
Colum Sands (Ireland)

Colum Sands Colum Sands has performed in over thirty countries around the world, confirming the universal appeal for the songs and stories with which he observes the minute and often humorous details of life.

A member of the internationally renowned Sands Family from County Down, Colum established his reputation as a songwriter with the release of his first solo album, Unapproved Road in 1981. Songs like Whatever you say, say nothing, and Almost every Circumstance were soon in the repertoire of artists from Billy Connolly to Maddy Prior and June Tabor.

His second album The March Ditch inspired a special BBC television documentary and songs like The Man with the Cap and Looking the loan of a Spade confirmed his unique ability to observe locally and appeal universally.

On his travels around the world he soon discovered that many of his songs had arrived before him, carried by other singers and in recordings by fellow performers like Andy Irvine, Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, Roy Bailey, Mick Hanley, Gerard van Maasakkers, Rosemary Woods, Iain McIntosh and Enda Kenny.

In 2000, his first book, "Between the Earth and the Sky" was published and its pages, like Colum's stage performances, contain a combination of songs and stories which, to quote one critic, "...view the world with balanced, non tribalistic humanity, breaking down all kinds of barriers and leaving behind an optimism and appreciation of the power of the human spirit over adversity." The book is beautifully illustrated by watercolour artist Colum McEvoy.

In March 2001 Colum joined Middle Eastern storyteller Sharon Aviv for a tour of Israel and a concert in that country's first integrated school and village for Jews and Arabs, Neve Shalom. This concert inspired the song The Child who asks you why and Going Down to the Well with Maggie, just two of the songs which appeared on a unique collection of songs and stories, Talking to the Wall, released by Colum and Sharon in 2002.

Colum noted that people in Belfast were asking him if he wasn't afraid to go to Israel with all the trouble going on over there and then, that people in Israel inquired if he wasn't afraid to go back to Belfast with all the trouble over there...In response to these and many other questions in each place as to what exactly the problem was, he put pen to paper to record his thoughts on the complexity and yet the simplicity of it all. The result, Skipping History Lesson, was a one-minute summary of human conflict and appeared on his 2003 album The Note that lingers on along with songs of love and life like The Wake Song, Sweeney the Fiddler, Song for Adam and Eve and a live version of Mickey MacConnell's classic Politician's Song.

Between touring and recording, countless other performers have been introduced to the air waves through Colum's work as a presenter of BBC Radio Ulster's Folk Club programme, he has also broadcast a series of programmes for BBC Radio 2 and has compiled and presented a series RTE Radio called "Rootin About'.

In May 2012 he presented the highly acclaimed BBC Radio 4 documentary, The First LP in Ireland, tracing the work of early folk collectors in Ireland.

His work in radio and studio production earned him the Living Tradition Award for services to Folk and Traditional Music. Colum has also produced countless albums for traditional singers and songwriters, he also produced four tracks on the Sound Neighbours CD released by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, an album which was short listed for a Grammy Nomination.

Colum's website.

Tickets available at the door - $25 or $20 members and concession.

The Old Church on the Hill, Cnr Russell and Harkness Streets, Quarry Hill.
8:00 pm for an 8:15 pm start.

Thursday 7 April 2016
Tony McManus (Scotland) & Beppe Gambetta (Italy)

Tony McManus Beppe Gambetta Scottish born and Canadian resident Tony McManus is the world's undisputed greatest Celtic finger style guitar player whilst Italian Beppe Gambetta is one of Europe's hottest flat pick specialists, with America in his heart and his roots in the sun and olive trees of the Mediterranean.

Between them these two brilliant musicians have played all the major guitar festivals from the Hebrides to Connemara and from Bogota to Tokyo not forgetting appearances at The Chet Atkins Festival and the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

They combine in a virtuoso performance of world guitar styles featuring music and song from both sides of the Atlantic, played with passion, beautiful precision and astounding technique Their total solo recording output to date is over twenty, with countless collaborations and sessions, the most recent from 2015 being their own duo album 'Round Trip'.

A couple of fantastic YouTube clips that display Tony and Beppe's skills:

Sleeping Tune

Valzer Per Un Amore

Tony's website.

Beppe's website.

Tickets available at the door - $25 or $20 members and concession.

The Old Church on the Hill, Cnr Russell and Harkness Streets, Quarry Hill.
8:00 pm for an 8:15 pm start.

Friday 20 May 2016
The Weeping Willows (Australia)

The Weeping Willows The Weeping Willows came to the attention of the BFC some months ago. A young old time music duo, who looked for all the world like they came out of one of those generational family bands that you'll find throughout the US. Except they are from Melbourne, plus they have seemingly come out of nowhere in just a small number of months.

So we jumped at the opportunity they presented us, to be a part of the tour to launch their debut full length CD release.

Andy Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery. That kind of description might make them sound like some carefully contrived concept-act, but there's something truly different about The Weeping Willows: they really mean it.

Just like their old?timey forefathers, Laura and Andy see themselves as simply contributors. They are cogs in the wheel; part of a long music tradition that emerged years before their own existence and will survive them by hook or by crook. The old songs they sing are plucked from the canon, the new ones they write are simply added to the book. The origin of each track is almost irrelevant, as all are performed with an authenticity and vibrancy befitting this most dignified and welcoming genre. A Weeping Willows performance, whether live on location or caught on tape, will always delight.

Some might call Andrew a virtuoso, but he doesn't see himself that way. To him, the acoustic guitar (or sometimes the dobro) is just that object that hangs permanently from his shoulders (perhaps it's really held up by his fingertips? Or maybe it actually is a part of his body?) Regardless, he plays it with purpose and authority and it wraps itself around his and Laura's vocals with warmth and affection, never saying too much or too little.

Laura, for her part, stays as busy as a post-war housewife; complementing her partner's skill with voice that ranges from sugar-sweet to evangelically piercing, whilst regularly adding a little accordion, lap steel or even flute on the side. She's in possession of a calm self-assurance, her stoic stage presence the perfect foil for Andy's thinly veiled neurosis as they regale their audience with stories of sunshine and romance, God and The Devil, murder and decay. Real music.

To answer your question, yes: Andy and Laura are an item. Theirs is an uncommon and intoxicating mix of love affair and musical union. In fact, by the standards of the world from which they appear to have emerged, they are living in sin. But that's not so bad. There mightn't be a ring, but there's chemistry aplenty - think Cash and Carter, Sinatra (Nancy) and Hazlewood or even Kristofferson and Coolidge. Is her name tattooed on the inside of his upper arm? It wouldn't come as a surprise.

It's likely we'll see a fair bit more of The Weeping Willows. But it seems as though they'd hardly care if we didn't. Andy and Laura would be doing this anyway - writing, singing, harmonising. And meaning every word of it. Lucky for us, they've chosen to share. Now we need to listen.

The Weeping Willow's website.

Tickets available at the door - $20 or $15 members and concession.

The Old Church on the Hill, Cnr Russell and Harkness Streets, Quarry Hill.
8:00 pm for an 8:15 pm start.